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Hair Transplant Training

A.Tsilosani Hair Transplant Institute is the world's leading hair transplant training centre. The institute regularly organizes training courses for doctors and courses of hair transplant training for nurses, large master classes, workshops, and conferences. Hair transplantation apprenticeship is conducted by a world-class hair transplantation expert, a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Akaki Tsilosani, MD, PhD.


Dr.Tsilosani has been training his colleagues since 2009. He is conducting hair transplant training courses not only at his institute in Tbilisi, Georgia, but also in partner clinics in Russia, and Ukraine. Dr. Tsilosani also conducts training courses as a faculty of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. He has trained more than 400 doctors from all over the world, who have opened their own practices in their respective countries and became leading hair transplant surgeons and world-renowned specialists. 

Based on his vast experience in teaching, Dr. Tsilosani has created a unique training course that teaches the basic principles of hair transplantation in the shortest possible time. In only one week, trainees acquire all the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to start their own practice. Dr. Tsilosani's training course is the only hair transplant training course in the world that teaches all modern methods of hair transplantation: FUT transplant, FUE transplant (shaven, unshaven), combination of FUT and FUE, BHT (body hair transplantation) and LHT (long hair transplantation), beard and eyebrow transplant training. 


A special feature of our hair transplant fellowship program and our hair transplant training courses is the full hands-on experience throughout the duration of the course. The trainee not only observes the work of other surgeons at our institute, but also carries out diagnostics of hair loss, plans transplantation sessions, and performs all the stages of hair transplantation-hairline design, anaesthesia, donor material harvesting by FUT transplant or FUE transplant methods, graft preparation, performing of recipient sites and placement of the grafts.


Absence of the possibility of hands-on experiences is the main problem of hair transplant courses in Europe, hair transplant training in UK or hair transplant training in USA. The most difficult in training organization is to find volunteers who would not refuse to have hair transplant procedure done by newcomer trainee doctors. This is exactly what hair transplant course cost is dependent on. 


 After the completion of the course, the trainee is given a certificate of international standard, which specifies the number of hair transplant procedures they performed independently at our Institute (usually 10-12 hair transplants). Here you can see FUE before and after photos of the hair transplant procedures which our trainee doctors have conducted during our hair transplant fellowship program (photo 1 and photo 2). The Institute supports its trainees in every possible way to ensure that they easily and successfully start their own practice. 




Photo 1




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